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The MOTHER ARMENIA Memorial Complex opened in Victory Park on the 29th of November in 1950. The author is the People’s Architect of the USSR Raphael Israyelyan. At first on the stand was I. Stalin’s copper monument created by the People’s Sculptor Sergei Merkurov. It was 17 metre in height. In 1951 the authors were awarded the State Prize of the USSR. In 1962 I. Stalin’s monument was dismantled. In 1967 was installed ‘‘Mother Armenia’’ copper monument created by People’s Artist of the Armenia Ara Harutyunyan. It was 22 metre in height. The Memorial Complex is planned like an armenian church. The whole height of the Memorial is 52 metres. In 1970 in the stand of the monument opened the museum ‘‘Armenia in the Great Patriotic War in 1941-1945’’. In 1995 it was renamed ‘‘Mother Armenia’’ Military Museum of the Ministry of Defence of RA. The museum has two main exhibitions. One is ‘‘The Participation of the Armenians in the World War II’’ and the other is ‘‘Artsakh Liberation War in 1988-1994’’. The exhibition of the ground floor is devoted to the Armenians who took part in the World War II. Here are displayed 6 Armenian National Divisions and the activity of outstanding, famous Armenian Marshals (H. Baghramyan, I. Isakov, H. Babadjanyan, A. Khamperyants) and Generals. In the Gallery are displayed the portraits of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and Generals. On the walls of the black granite Memorial Hall are immortalized the names of Heroes of the Soviet Union, the Complete Holders of Order of Glory and the names of those soldiers, who were killed and lost at the battlefields. The exhibition of the first floor devoted to Artsakh Liberation Movement. Here are displayed the activity of the National Heroes of Armenia and Heroes of Artsakh, the kinds of Arm Forces of the Army of the RA, military operations and the Diorama of liberation of the ancient capital of Artsakh Sushy. The second floor is the Hall of Celebrations. The organic continuation of the museum is the Grave of the Unknown Soldier, the Allieies of the Heroes, by the name Marshal H. Baghramyan, Russian Border Guards and the open air display of some kinds of arms.
The exhibition of the museum opens from 10 a. m.  till 5 p. m., on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a. m. till 3 p. m. The day off is Monday. The entrance is free.

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